The Kodaikanal Kennel Association
9th & 10th Ch.Dog Show

The Madras Canine Club
14 1st & 14 2nd Ch. Dog Show

The Salem Acme Kennel Club
29th & 30th Ch. Dog Show


Mrs.Yashodhara India

Mr.C.A. Martins India

Mr. Antoan J. Hlebarov, Bulgaria

Dr. Agus Wardhana, Indonesia

Mr.Adriano Kandijas, Belgrade

Mrs.Sanju Momclovic Bognic, Belgrade


Mr. Antoan J. Hlebarov, Bulgaria

Born 1958 in sofia. Graduated economics in hie (sofia) and informatics in universitatea din bucuresti. More than 20 years experience as lecture in economics and more than 25 years professional experience in advertising and marketing communications. Married with one son.

Experience & Breeds :
Started dog activitiees in the late 80’s. Registered the first ever bulgarian kennel name in fci – bulgarian dream (bg 001/1994) for afghan hounds and piccoli levrieri italiani. His dogs are the first bulgarian representatives awarded with the titles of national champions of North Macedonia, Romania and Greece. All his dogs have always lived with the family in the house. Founder of bulgarian National club for afghan hounds. Member of the Managing.

Board of BRFC until 2014. Member of the FCI commission for PR and education, Former member of the FCI agility commission. Established the junior handlerclub – sofia, where he still teaches.

Wrote a book on training and handling dogs, a lot of off and on-line publications. Hosts a lot of handling courses in more than 20 countries all over the world. Member of world dog press association since 2010. Creator and admin of dog show judges group in facebook.

Highlights :
Judge of BRFC since 1994 (bg18), recognized as allrounder Judge since 2019 –FCI 15729 / judged in more than 60 countries at all continents.

Dr. Agus Wardhana, Indonesia

Agus Wardhana is a Veterinarian and All Breed Judge of The All Indonesia Kennel Club (PERKIN). He has bred and owned Miniature Pinscher, Miniature Dachshund and Chihuahua since 1980 and from 2004 to date he has bred and owned Basenji, Chihuahua smooth and Indonesia’s national breed, The Bali Kintamani Dog.

He is the former Vice President of The All Indonesia Kennel Club (PERKIN) East Java Region and founder of The PERKIN Judge’s Commission and The Bali Kintamani Dog Commission, at present he is The Show Director at Perkin’s East Java Region.

His judging experience includes judging at PERKIN National and All Breeds Dog Show since 2006. He has also judged at PERKIN’S AKU and FCI CACIB Shows. His nationality judging assignments have taken him to many parts of Indonesia, also he has already judged in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, Australia, New Zealand, Romania, Japan, Estonia, Latvia, Thailand, South Africa, Hongkong, India, Canada, Korea and China.

He hope to meet you somewhere in the World of Pedigree Dogs.

Mrs.Yashodhara, India

Yashodhara has been associated with the world of Show Dogs since the inception of her kennels “YASHBANS” in 1980 and has been an active member of the KCI ever since.

She has imported, bred, owned and handled some of India’s finest dogs from across the world. Her determination for perfection was proved by breeding two ‘DOG OF THE YEARS,’ and a ‘RESERVE PUPPY OF THE YEAR. She has won the ‘BREEDER OF THE YEAR,’ ‘DOG OF THE YEAR,’ ‘RESERVE DOG OF THE YEAR’, ‘RESERVE PUPPY OF THE YEAR” besides innumerable Best of Breeds, Champions, Group winners and Line up winners.

She has judged extensively across India and overseas. She is a motivational speaker, particularly keen on educating and encouraging the younger generation to show compassion and love towards all animals, giving presentations and talks on Ethical Breeding, better Breeding techniques and challenges in the Dog Game. She has written many articles about the dog world. Her novel, “The World Though My Golden Eyes” has been released worldwide.

With the immense knowledge and experience Yashodhara has acquired over the years in breeding, maintaining, handling and grooming pets, she started FUZZY WUZZY, PETZORAMA and AYURVEDA FOR ANIMALS that offers niche services and products for pets. Her self-funded project Y.A.S.H (You Are Safe Here) takes care of injured, homeless and stray animals. Yashodhara enjoys the roles of being a Breeder, Judge, Mother, Environmentalist and Conservationist.

Mr.C.A. Martins, India

Kennel CIub of India and FCI International All Breeds Judge with experience over 60 years. Bred and made Champions in 30 breeds. Retired professor, qualified academician, holds multiple degrees in the field of organic chemistry, education, psychology and botany chemistry.

Bred over 160 KCI Champions in 30 different breeds including Pomeranian, Indian Spitz, German Spitz, Retriever(Golden), Irish Setter, English Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund -Standard Smooth, Dachshund Miniature- Smooth, Dachshund Miniature- Long Haired, Dachshund- Standard Long Haired, Whippet, Miniature-Poodle, Toy Poodle, Bull Mastiff, Fox Terrier, Pekingese, Labrador(Retriever), Boxer, Dobermann, Rottweiler, Lhasa Apso, Belgian Shepherd(Groenendael), Beagle, French Bull Dog, Miniature Pinscher, Rajapalayam, Jack Russell Terrier, Weimaraner, Kerry Blue Terrier, German Shepherd Dog.

Founder of Kennel Association Of Goa and founder member of Breed Clubs like Rottweiler Club Goa , Dobermann Club Goa, Retriever Labrador Club Goa. Won the coveted Awards; Dog of the Year with home bred Pomeranian and Breeder of the Year 1986-87.

Mr.Adriano Kandijas, Belgrade

I was born in Zemun, in the family of cynologists (father was a breeder of German shepherds) so dogs have been part of my life since my earliest childhood.

I have been a member of Belgrade Cynology Society (BKD) from 1989. I brought my first litter of Siberian husky to the world in 1990. My first dog exhibition took place in the Belgrade Exhibition on March 12th in 1995. I have been breeding Pugs since 2003., followed by breeding of Boston Terriers since 2014.

Furthermore, a lot of national and international champions were brought to the world through my breeding. I hold a license for an international dog judge for I,II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX and X FCI group (All round).

As a dog judge, I have participated in so many national and international shows in the country and abroad. In order to recognize my contribution in the field of cynology, the Cynology Association of the Republic of Serbia has awarded me with a merit badge

Mrs.Sanju Momclovic Bognic, Belgrade

Born in Novi Sad, Serbia 01.05.1962, dipl ing architecture and forestry engineer, specialty hunting. Kennel IDA 2883 registered in FCI 1990,

I have more champions in beauty and work German hunting terrier, Deutsch Kurzhaar and Hungarian viszla.

Since 1998 president of the Kennel Club in Becej, Vice president of the hunting association L.C.”Becej” President of the “Ladies Hunting Club”, which is the only ladies club member of the World federation CIC.

I’m all-rounder and I’m judging the work of all hunting breeds.

I’ve rated myself on several continents, Europe, Africa, Australia, in 42 countriesat National, International, Specialized and club dog shows.

Speak Hungarian, Russian, English and a bit Italian. Judge licence – Kioloski Savez Republic Srbije. Living in Becej, Serbia.